Adanze Asante

“The Journey,” Omenana, Issue 4 (September 2015)

Anthony Bell


Alexander Berman

“App”, written and directed by Alexander Berman, produced by the American Film Institute, 24min (2014)

♦Beijing Film Academy Grand Jury Prize (winner)

♦New Media Film Festival (Short Film winner)

♦Sloan Foundation ($25,000 winner)

“CAPTIVE”, hour-long episodic drama, written by Camille Stochitch and Alexander Berman (2015)

TrackingB T.V. Contest (winner)

Page Screenwriting Awards (semi-finalist)

Folly Blaine


“Hiss,” (co-written with Randy Henderson) Ghosts in the Cogs (forthcoming)

“The Man at the End of the Chain,” The Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls

“Arkquarium,” That Ain’t Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley

Chris Carlson


Curtis C. Chen

Waypoint Kangaroo, Thomas Dunne Books (forthcoming, 2016)

“Have Spacesuit, Will Travel,” SMART: Oregon Reads Aloud (forthcoming)

“Laddie Come Home,” 2016 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide (forthcoming)

“Ten Days Up,” Mission: Tomorrow (2015)

“Bounty Call,” Perihelion Science Fiction (2015)

“Godwin’s Law,” The Future Fire (2015)

“It’s Machine Code,” Unlikely Story #11: The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography, (2015)

“Zugzwang,” Daily Science Fiction (Sept. 2014)

“Making Waves,” SNAFU (2014)

“Somebody’s Daughter,” Leading Edge Issue 65 (2014)

Shannon Fay


 “Clever Bits,” (short story collection; June 2014)

“M-STEM’, T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Fiction Blog (Nov. 2014)

Readymade, Daily Science Fiction (August 2014)

“Questions for the Ages,” Phobos magazine, issue 2 (July 2014)

Michael Hernshaw


“Hadley Full of Hate,” The Sockdolager (Summer 2015)

♦Clarion West week 5 story

Rich Larson

“Innumerable Glimmering Lights,” Clockwork Phoenix 5 (forthcoming)

“Water Scorpions,” Asimov’s (forthcoming)

♦Clarion West week 5 story

“All That Robot Shit,” Asimov’s (forthcoming)

“Jonas and The Fox,” Clarkesworld (forthcoming)

“Sparks Fly,” Lightspeed (forthcoming)

♦Clarion West week 4 story

“Blindr (Beta 3.1),” The Singularity (forthcoming)

“Sleep Factory,” Analog (forthcoming)

“Carnivores,” Strangers Among Us (forthcoming)

“Masked,” Asimov’s (forthcoming)

“Bidding War,” Asimov’s (forthcoming)

“The Nostalgia Calculator,” F&SF (forthcoming)

“Lotto,” Interzone #263 (March-April 2016)

“Extraction Request,” Clarkesworld, Issue 112 (January 2016)

“Motherfucking Retroparty Freestyle,” Escape Pod #514 (Dec. 2015)

♦Clarion West week 6 story

“The Delusive Cartographer,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue #187 (Nov 24, 2015)

“We Might Be Sims,” Interzone #261 (Nov-Dec 2015)

“Ice,” Clarkesworld, Issue 109 (October 2015)

♦Reprinted in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: 33rd Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois (Forthcoming)

“Six Month Ocean,” Daily Science Fiction (September 2015)

“Edited,” Interzone #259 (July-Aug 2015)

“Going Endo,” Apex Magazine (July 2015)

“I went to the asteroid to bury you,” Abyss & Apex (June 2015)

“Brainwhales Are Stoners, Too,” Interzone #257 (Mar-Apr 2015)

“This is the Party,” The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir (March 2015)

“Meshed,” Clarkesworld, Issue 101 (February 2015)

♦Reprinted in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: 33rd Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois (Forthcoming)

♦Reprinted in The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 1, ed. Neil Clarke

“The Sky Didn’t Load Today,” Daily Science Fiction (February 2015)

“The King in the Cathedral,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies (February 2015)

The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2016, ed. Rich Horton

“God Decay,” Upgraded (September 2014)

♦Reprinted in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: 32nd Annual Collection, ed. Gardner Dozois (July 2015)

“Loopholes,” Membrane (reprint)

“Brute,” Apex Magazine (November 2014)

“Ghost Girl,” War Stories (October 2014)

“Don Juan 2.0,” AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review

“Capricorn,” Abyss & Apex (September 2014)

“Dreaming Drones,” AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review

“The Air We Breathe is Stormy, Stormy,” Strange Horizons (Aug. 2014)

♦Reprinted in Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume 2 (forthcoming)

Michael Matheson

“Change as Seen Through an Orrery of Celestial Fire,” Superhero Universe: Tesseracts  Nineteen, March 2016 (forthcoming)

“Against a Sea of Brilliant White,” The Mark of the Beast (August 2015)

“Zhezhi,” They Have To Take You In (September 2014)

“Jenny of the Long Gauge,” Fractured (August 2014)

No Fixed Points in Space,”  Stone Telling, Issue 11: Reverberations (November 2014)

Ian Muneshwar


“Telomerase,” An Alphabet of Embers (forthcoming)

♦Clarion West week 6 story

“Ossuary,” Clarkesworld Issue 104 (May 2015)

Chinelo Onwualu


“The Wish Box,” Imagine Africa 500 Anthology (Forthcoming 2016)

“The Archer,” Jungle Jim (August 2015)

“CJ,” Terra Incognita: New Short Speculative Stories from Africa (Feb. 2015)

“The Unbearable Solitude Of Being An African Fan Girl,” Speculative Fiction (May 2015)

“The Evidence of Things Unseen,” Brittle Paper: An African Literary Experience (Oct. 2014)

“Tasting Gomoa,” Ideomancer Vol. 13 Issue 3 (September 2014)

♦Reprinted in The Humanity of Monsters (forthcoming)

♦Clarion West week 3 story

“Gift of Touch,”  The Apex Book of World SF 4


Sandra Pinto

Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein

“How to Survive the Apocalypse,” Zeal (2015)

“Charge! Love Heart!,” The Sockdolager (Spring 2015)

♦Clarion West week 1 flash story

“The Hymn of the Ordeal, NO. 23,” Lightspeed, Issue 49 (June 2014)

Julie Steinbacher


“Inter-Exo,” Terraform (Feb 2015)

♦Clarion West week 5 story

“Chimeras,” Escape Pod (Feb 2015)

♦Clarion West week 6 story

Yang-Yang Wang


Marlee Jane Ward


“The Beast and the Birthday,” Aurealis (forthcoming)

“Reconstituted,” Apex, Issue 79 (December 2015)

“Who’s a Good Boy?” Terraform (October 2015)

“Apocalypse Babe,” Mad Scientist Journal, V. CXCVIII (Autumn 2015)

“Welcome to Orphancorp,” Xoum (August 2015)

Victorian Premier’s Young Adult Writing Award (winner; $25,000 prize)

♦Winner of the 2015 Seizure Viva La Novella Prize

♦Clarion West Week 2 story

“Clara’s,” Hear Me Roar (June 2015)

♦Clarion West application story

“The Walking Thing,” Interfictions, Issue 5 (June 2015)

♦Clarion West week 4 story

Alison Wilgus

“A Wrinkle Ironed Out,” Daily Science Fiction (forthcoming)

♦Clarion West week 1 story

“Noise Pollution,” Strange Horizons (April 2015)

♦Clarion West week 2 story

“The Last Wild Place,” Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (reprint)

“King Tide,” Terraform (Dec 2014)

♦Clarion West week 5 story